These snapshots are generated automatically and are untested. Means the compiler found the source good enough to compile.
Dont forget that these snapshots are provided as a courtesy only and might NOT WORK. ( previous releases )

2011.09.06azbox-0.9.5309-patch.bin45.39 MB5a33dff77c2675f397f08ad11c3d66c8fixed youtubeMirror
2011.07.07azbox-0.9.5308-patch.bin45.39 MB1084e1fe5f7e16a50ad0705aeb1cde2bDVBS.dat is now split between ku and c band ( to use this new file, after install perform a factory restore ) | fixed the dutch iso369 string | added 2 new dvbc countries : dutch and ukraine ( testing ) | fixed the epg detail scrolling | fixed the number of audio streams available at audio list window (euronews)Mirror
2011.07.04azbox-0.9.5307-patch.bin45.38 MB4765ffb348d75041cc35cf73eb33e76bupdated the satellite's transponder list (DVBS.dat workaround: needs to be installed twice) | fixed the epg behaviorMirror
2011.04.14azbox-0.9.5306-patch.bin45.35 MBe81871b883c11b56dfe03ed2e7bc71c5fixed the multi-language epg ( main audio language sets default epg language ) | improved streaming | improved timeshift | improved recordingsMirror
2011.03.28azbox-0.9.5305-patch.bin45.34 MB331220c59f711e7ba250a4633bdcadb3fixed youtubeMirror
2011.03.25azbox-0.9.5304-patch.bin45.34 MBe10682fce3f603dc7a593e926b5cccb2updated the french translation | fixed browser and rss issues (missing files) | improved the recordings playback | improved the online system upgradeMirror
2011.03.11azbox-0.9.5303-patch.bin45.94 MBf4e2a949c3dbc9b32d7b993102da2042added finland and denmark cable freq | fixed streamingMirror
2011.03.07azbox-0.9.5302-patch.bin45.94 MB01d7d36b149bedb4177240af10bb8b62added the finnish and swedish translations | improved the language selection system | improved avi/xvid supportMirror
2011.02.25azbox-0.9.5301-patch.bin45.88 MBe4015aaf497b02cd629bd91f8b4cd53fimproved the multimedia libraries | fixed ghost char | added support for the www and email rcu buttons (needs azmail) | updated the dutch translationMirror
2011.02.21azbox-0.9.5300-patch.bin46.51 MBf9030b02ca7057837fc7dfa3a62a837bfix youtube thumbnails | some minor changes | 0.9.5300: removed unused filesMirror
2010.12.28azbox-0.9.5209-patch.bin46.54 MBa7fb6ac401b0f9d59d5c6861e3c820d2youtube fixMirror
2010.11.12azbox-0.9.5020-patch.bin46.5 MB1ac85bbf47268712555be85ad46f1011epg improvements | some other minor adjustmentsMirror
2010.11.12azbox-0.9.5006-patch.bin46.5 MB951011924d374742185e8e9408b65d07updated youtube | updated sat network infosMirror
2010.11.12azbox-0.9.4991-patch.bin46.43 MBfd9010770c7893aec61c739f2a0a96e2fixed udp stream feature | improved recording process | improved multimedia playback | fixed hang when playing mkv with dts tracksMirror
2010.11.12azbox-0.9.4931-patch.bin46.45 MBf2d03398c926c8170a6ff27b8f3fa448fixed the antenna settings when using diseqc 1.2 | fixed the teletext synchronization (rec) | fixed the reservation processMirror
2010.11.12azbox-0.9.4923-patch.bin46.45 MBf1d6fb4b1f28d507ff971eaa024fbdf9added new movie subtitle menu option | fixed seek in wma | fixed detection of avi duration time | corrected sub file formatMirror

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